Project Aligned

@ Present:

My goal is to build a system that automatically and accurately infers emotional states and uses the resulting time-series data in conjunction with other behavioral data to recommend actions for people to achieve their psychological goals. Achieving this goal requires taking years of Affective Computing research and packaging it as a product. I call this “Project Aligned.” Start here if you want to learn more.

@ Sisu 2019-Present:

I joined Sisu Data to learn about data analytics techniques that work. I built the user-facing side of the platform. After a few months at Sisu, I began thinking more deeply about what we choose to optimize and why. I started building a spreadsheet of my daily behavioral patterns and emotional states to understand their correlations. After gathering and analyzing data manually for a couple of months, I decided to build a system.

@ Rigetti 2017-2019:

I joined Rigetti Computing to build a useful quantum computer. I started by working on quantum algorithms, specifically QAOA, resulting in a conference talk and a paper. After a year, I realized that hardware limited algorithms research. I then started developing software tools to improve hardware fabrication and reduce defects. I built tools for online changepoint detection and statistical model selection to automatically detect these defects.

@ Harvard Graduated 2017:

I earned a BA in physics at Harvard, where I studied Topological Insulators with the Yacoby Group resulting in publication. I also worked at the Center for Quantum Devices looking for Majorana Fermions to build a Topological Quantum Computer.